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While we are making a constant effort to provide our clients with the highest quality of transportation service, we expect our customers to abide by some simple rules during their travels. These rules are meant purely to ensure your safety during your travels while maintaining the quality of service you get from us whenever you hire our buses for your parties and events. We need your cooperation and your sincere feedback to help us improve our service. Here are some of the questions asked by our clients and their corresponding answers have been provided next:

Q: Are there any liabilities on me as a customer of El Machinon Party Bus?
A: You are liable for any type of damages that may incur during your travel in El Machinon Party Bus. In any case of damage, we fully investigate the event and you will be held responsible only for the part of damage that is done by you or your friends on purpose.

Q: Is smoking allowed inside El Machinon Party Bus?
A: El Machinon Party Bus are guaranteed to be "smoke free". We want to provide our customers with a clean and healthy environment during their travels, and in order to ensure this type of environment inside our buses we prohibit smoking inside El Machinon Party Bus.

Q: In which areas of Puerto Rico are your buses serving?
A: Our buses serve in all the regions of Puerto Rico. Check it here.

Q: How should I pay for the booking of a bus?
A: You can pay for the booking in the form of cash or using any of the major credit cards.

Q: What is the maximum limit on the number of persons who can travel in one El Machinon Party Bus?
A: At El  Machinon Party Bus; Our buses has a maximum capacity of 48 persons. Ask for buses of more capacity if you need it. However we do not recommend allowing more than the maximum number of persons in our buses to ensure the comfort and ease of our customers during their travels.

Q: When are the payments due? Should I pay any kind of upfront before using the service?
A: El Machinon  Party Bus payments are due just before the activity starts but paying in advance the required deposit.

Q: On what basis do you charge the money?
A: We charge money on hourly basis. If you go over the time that you registered with us at the time of booking, you will need to pay for the extra hours that you go over.

Q: What are your service hours?
A: Our service remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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